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Home Destination Chausathi Yogini Temple – Hirapur

Chausathi Yogini Temple – Hirapur

LOCATION:  Hirapur,Odisha
ESTABLISHED BY: Queen Hiradevi
KNOWN FOR: Chausathi Jogan

The Chausath Yogini Temple of Hirapur , also known as Mahamaya Temple, is 20 km exterior Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha of Eastern India. It’s dedicated to the worship of the Yoginis, auspicious goddess-like figures.

Hirapur’s Yogini Temple is a tantric shrine, with a hypaethral structure as tantric prayer rituals involve worshipping the Bhumandala (surroundings consisting all of the 5 parts of nature – hearth, water, earth, air, and ether), and the yoginis believed to be able to fly.

The yogini idols symbolize feminine figures standing on an animal, a demon, or a human head depicting the victory of Shakti. The idols express all things from rage, unhappiness, pleasure, pleasure, desire, and happiness. The number 64 finds its reference in Hindu mythology in forms such as Kala for time, Kala for performing arts, and so on.

Such temples devoted to yoginis, though rare, are additionally seen at Ranipur-Jharial site of the Balangir District in Odisha and 7 different places in India

The temple is believed to have been constructed by Queen Hiradevi of the Bramha dynasty during the ninth century.

The legend behind the temple, in keeping with local priests, is that the Goddess Durga took the type of 64 demi-goddesses to defeat a demon. After the struggle, the 64 goddesses, equated with yoginis, requested Durga to commemorate them within the type of temple construction.

The temple complex is now maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Kalapahad, a converted Muslim general of sixteenth CE is believed to have attacked this temple as effectively and damaged the Murtis. He’s famously generally known as the destroyer of Puri and Konark temples.



The temple is small and round, solely 25 ft in diameter. It’s hypaethral and constructed of blocks of sandstone. The within of the round wall has niches, every housing the statue of a Goddess. 56 of the 64 idols, fabricated from black stone, survive. They encompass the principal picture on the center of the temple, the Goddess Kali, who stands on a human head, representing the triumph of the guts over the thoughts. Some historians imagine that an idol of Maha Bhairava was worshipped within the Chandi Mandapa. The temple appears to comply with a mandala plan in a manner that concentric circles are shaped whereas a Shiva on the heart contained in the internal sanctum is roundly surrounded by 4 Yoginis and 4 Bhairavas.

The circle is reached through a protruding entrance passage so that the plan of the temple has the type of a yoni-pedestal for a Shiva lingam.

The Yogini photos depict standing goddesses and their animal automobiles. The Yoginis are bare however for his or her bejeweled girdles, from which dangle flimsy skirts that may be made out as a lightweight ornament on their legs; they’re adorned with bracelets, armlets, necklaces, and anklets.

The scholar István Keul writes that the yogini photos are of darkish chlorite rock, about 40 cm tall, and standing in various poses on plinths or vahanas, their animal automobiles; most have “delicate options and sensual our bodies with slender waists, broad hips, and excessive, spherical breasts” with various hairstyles and physique ornaments.Yogini Temple Hirapur, Odisha

How To Reach

By Air

Bhubaneswar is the closest airport at a distance of 15 km From Hirapur.

By Rail

10 km from Bhubaneswar Railway Station

By Road

Hirapur is properly linked to Bhubaneswar by direct bus service.

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