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Home Destination From War to Peace -Dhauli Shanti Stupa

From War to Peace -Dhauli Shanti Stupa


LOCATION: Bhubaneswar  Odisha
ESTABLISHED BY: Japan Buddha Sangha and the Kalinga Nippon Buddha Sangha
KNOWN FOR: Shanti Stupa

Dhaulagiri is also known as the Peace Pagoda. During travel from Bhubaneswar to Puri, you can find Shanti Stupa. Shanti itself suggests peace & calm. After King Asoka adopted to Buddhism, he laid the foundation of Dhaulagiri Shanti Stupa at a place that is known for the end of the Kalinga War. Dhaulagiri Hills is a historical site located on the banks of River Daya in Bhubaneswar & is one of the most popular tourist places in Bhubaneswar and also one of the important places of heritage in Odisha.


The Dhauli Shanti Stupa was constructed by the team of Japan Buddha Sangha and the team of Kalinga Nippon Buddha Sangha in 1972. The place became the place of devotion and worship by various people & different generations. One can even spot a variety of Stupas, chaityas also as pillars whose foundation was laid by King Ashoka. There are many decree that display King Ashoka’s intention to promote joy, peace, and contentment to the world. And over the edicts, you encounter a rock-cut elephant that’s considered to be the earliest Buddhist sculpture in Odisha

The structure of the Shanti Stupa isis look like a dome. One can spot Buddha footprints also because of the Bodhi tree over the stone panels. On the panels, you can also see the image of Ashoka who keeps his sword of war in front of Lord Buddha showing that he had given up the thought of war completely.In the vicinity of this Stupa, there lays a monastery named the Saddharma Vihar Monastery, which is must visited by the Buddhist devotees. In a short distance from the Shanti Stupa, you can discover the temple of Dhavaleshwar that was renovated in the year 1972 and is far frequented by Hindu also as Buddhist devotees. Therefore, do make it some extent to go to Dhauligiri and explore various Buddhist attractions that increase the sacred significance of Dhaulagiri in Odisha.


Best Time to Visit the Shanti Stupa in Odisha. The three-day festival usually held within February features a heady mix of classical music, classical dance, and martial art dance forms during Kalinga Dhauli Mahotsav. The festival is organized by the Odisha Tourism Department and features a number of legendary musicians, dancers & popular martial art dance forms from across the country. No entry fee Charged during this Festival.


By Flight
Biju Patnaik International Airport is the nearest .The distance between the Airport and Dhauli is only 14 km & it’ll take half-hour despite the normal traffic for you to reach your destination.
By Road
Dhauli can be reach by buses from Bhubaneswar , Cuttack or Puri or any part of Odisha by OSRTDC or Private Busses which has frequent services . The Dhauli is well connected with the road network, and cabs are available from all nearby places.
By Rail
Bhubaneswar Railway station is the Nearest Railway station to Dhaulagiri. Distance between Dhaulagiri & Railway station is approx 14 Km.

For Cab Booking in Bhubaneswar, Please call on 7077600666


Open throughout the week: 6 AM to 6 PM



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